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Why Choose this Course?

There are many Islamic Studies courses on offer. What makes this course different?

  • This course is designed and taught by a scholar of highest reputation and recognition who is an authority and expert of the Islamic Sciences. 
  • This course combines both Arabic and Islamic Studies in one Programme. 
  • This course is structured for part time study – 5 hours a week with the teacher and 3 to 6 hours a week in self study. Students will have the flexibility to follow the course while continuing with other studies or work. They can also catch up and revise with recordings of each class for one whole week (or more in exceptional circumstances). 
  • Upon successful completion,, students have an option and are encouraged to continue with their part time studies into the Ijaza Program; providing opportunities to attain a higher and deeper level of understanding of the Islamic Sciences. Students who complete this course qualify to enter Level 2 of the Ijazah Program.
  • Successful completion of this level will also provide a solid foundation and stepping stone for further Islamic studies.