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One-Year Foundational Program in Islamic Studies


Foundations Program

The purpose of the Usul-ud-Din program is to enlighten communities all around the world to serve humanity. Our vision is to educate generations of potential leaders, based on the Prophetic model, to achieve excellence in all fields of human endeavor.

  • To develop a distinguished Islamic personality, specifically trained in the purification of the nafs and firmly rooted in a holistic understanding of Islam and the intent of the Sharī‘ah
  • To create and prepare specialists in Sharī‘ah, Qu’ranic and Sunnah Sciences and the Principles of Fiqh, through examining contemporary dynamics and ways in which to interact with this dynamic.
  • To convey the appropriate knowledge that is responsive to the demands of contemporary Islamic society in the fields of instruction, propagation, social and spiritual guidance and manifesting their academic legacy.
  • To produce a cadre of outstanding students qualified to pursue postgraduate studies in the areas of Sharī‘ah, Tafsīr, Ḥadīth, Fiqh and Uṣūl. This will result in them contributing to scientific research and in so doing address the possible shortcomings or limitations in programs, departments or faculties at other universities.

Medium of Instruction:

All classes will be conducted in English. This is coupled with an intensive daily Arabic program that runs the course of the year (while simultaneously & increasingly introducing Arabic terminology into other classes/subjects). Students move from reading & writing, to understanding the written Arabic text with and without vowels (Tashkeel).

Arabic Language Intensive:

The Arabic track is highly emphasized during this intensive year. The student will be a few hours of Arabic every morning for the whole year. The objective of the Arabic program is to develop an ability to read and understand classical Arabic. The emphasis is not conversational Arabic, rather the objective is to hand the student the keys to access classically written Arabic text books. The goal is to get the students to understand 70-80 % of such texts by the end of the year insha’Allah, with a little help from the dictionary.