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Madina Institute Short Documentary

Madina Institute - Masjid & Community Hub (Oldham) is located in Clarksfield and opened it's doors to the public in December 2016. It aims to represent what we perceive a 21st Century Masjid should be, attempting to imitate the best of examples i.e the Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu alayhi wa alihi wasalam in how he built the first physical Community Hub when he migrated from Makkah to Madinah, a centre of love, warmth , openness and excellence, that brings communities together, offering facilities that cater for the "Academic, Social and Spiritual" needs of the entire Community.

In a short space of time, the Hub has already started offering a Quran Academy, Sunday School, Congregational Salah, Jummuah Khutba in English by dynamic speakers weekly, Relaxation Classes, Stress Management workshops, Monthly Food Kitchen for the Needy, Adult Educational Back to Basics Initiatives, Open Days for Schools/Public Service Institutions, Weekly Free Legal Advice, Youth Club and much more...

Moving forward we aim to launch a Nursery, Football Academy , More Workshops, Onsite and Offsite retreats for children, Centre for Non 
Violence and Peace Studies and several initiatives that deliver much needed services for the community.

This is a unique opportunity for everyone to participate in a venture that aims to secure a good future for our children, the community around and build a centre that portrays a positive image of the Muslim Community through it's positive contribution to all Society.

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The Zone - Boxing Club Launch

Boxing Club was launched this month at THE ZONE at Madina Institute, Masjid & Community Hub - Oldham. We have two sessions running on Sundays due to the huge response. Watch out for news on our launch of the girls jutijstu classes soon inshaAllah..

First Boxing day. What a great turn out. The kids loved it and are looking forward to next weeks class!


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Police & Fire Services Visit

On Monday 3rd April 2017, Madina Institute, Masjid & Community Hub, Oldham hosted a meeting under it's "Community Cohesion Initiative" hosting representatives from the Police, Fire Services and some local Mosques. The aim of the initiative is to bring everyone together to increase awareness on "Safety in the Community" and from that initiative several projects to deliver that....

police visit.jpg

The evening started with introductions and a walk through of the center, its activities and services. Then the reps from the Police and Fire Services spoke about safety and what initiatives are available for the community. The session was rounded off with a site tour and refreshments and a social. We would like to thank everyone who attended and will be arranging a follow up meeting for those Mosques who were unable to attend before putting together an action plan.

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Tue Dec 05, 2023
Sunrise at 8:05am

Jumu'ah Prayer
Khutba begins at:
Iqamah at:


Free Legal Advice

@ Madina Institute, Masjid & Community Hub
Every Tuesday @ 1:00pm
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Weekly Dhikr - Brothers & Sisters

@ Madina Institute. Masjid & Community Hub
Every Friday @ 7:30pm
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Relaxation & Meditation Class

@ Madina Institute, Masjid & Community Hub
Every Tuesday @ 10:30am
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Sisters Study Circle (Aqida, Fiqh & Tajweed)

@ Madina Institute, Masjid & Community Hub
Every Thursday @ 09:30am
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Seerah Class

@ Madina Institute, Masjid & Community Hub
Last Saturday of Every Month @ 3pm
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Monthly Food Kitchen

@ Madina Institute, Masjid & Community Hub
Every Month @ 12:00pm
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Girls Youth Club

@ Madina Institute, Masjid & Community Hub
Every Monday @ 6pm
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Boys Youth Club

@ Madina Institute, Masjid & Community Hub
Every Friday @ 6pm
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The Boxing Academy

@ Madina Institute, Masjid & Community Hub
Every Sunday @ 3pm
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